About the Desktop Garden

This blog records our attempts to grow a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers in a small area indoors.

I used to live in a house on the Wirral which had a good size garden with fruit trees and shrubs, vegetable patch, herb garden, greenhouse, pond etc. It was lovely but also hard work.

In 2004 I moved to an apartment in Liverpool city centre. No more garden, not even a balcony!

It's been a great few years in this vibrant city and I have no regrets about the move but now I am starting to miss the garden.

We originally used this desk which measures 120x80 cm for heavy duty computing but now we only use laptops we've swapped our desktop computer for a desktop garden.
The desk is in front of a large window which faces west, there is good light most of the day but not a lot of direct sunlight until the evening. We see a lot of beautiful sunsets over the river Mersey. The room is heated but it can get quite cold near the window in Winter, especially if it's windy outside.

As we are vegan, we get through a lot of fresh veg and herbs so while there's no chance of being self-sufficient in this tiny space, it always feels good to pick a handful of basil or a few tomatoes that you've grown yourself.

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  1. the table where you grow these herbs etc, which way does it face N/S/E/W? can you show us any photos of the set up? Very interested to know more.