Thursday, 1 March 2012

Poorly Parsley

One of the hardest things in gardening is accepting the occasional (well, we hope it's only occasional) failure. Especially when it's due to one's own stupidity!

We managed to salvage a few bits of the parsley but the rest withered away in a very short time.
First of all I didn't pay proper attention, I thought this one plant that we bought was the standard flat leaf parsley but it was actually French Parsley a.k.a Chervil. Then I thought it looked like it would easily divide up into 4 smaller plants as long as I was careful to keep plenty of root on each. This has worked fine for many plants for me in the past but not this time. They obviously didn't like to be ripped apart!

Ah well, we learn from our mistakes - read the labels and instructions more carefully in future.

On a brighter note - the Spinach seeds are just starting to push their little heads through the soil.

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