Monday, 23 April 2012

Desktop Garden 2nd Month Review

Now more than two months since we started our Desktop Garden and you can see it's completely full and very green.

As mentioned in previous posts we put some of the plants on the windowsill so it does spread out a bit but it just about still fits onto the desk.

The Pak Choi are now looking quite plump, the five Tomato plants and four Peppers continue to grow.

We can now grow and eat Cress and Pea Shoots regularly and pick sprigs of Rosemary, Basil and Mint as required.

We've had a few flowers too and looking forward to the Fuchsia coming into bloom later.

The little Thyme seedlings are very slow growing and the Lamb's Lettuce is taking its time to reach the stage where we feel we can start taking some leaves off to eat.

On the whole it's been quite a rewarding month, we just wish we had more room as we have so many unopened packets of seeds.


  1. How do you take your photos? They're so pretty!

    1. Thank you. Minako takes a lot of time over the photos using a Nikon camera. Natural light is always best so she may take several pictures during the day as the light and weather changes as well as trying different compositions. Sometimes the sun can be too bright! Then she'll spend more time going through them on the laptop deciding which is best.
      So I can be waiting a long time before I can post it on the blog but as you see it is well worth taking the time to get the best photos.